The Rusty Hook features a full inventory of fishing tackle, accessories and bait. We have one the most extensive inventories of quality fishing accessories available. We can supply you with all of your needs from gaffs to eyewear. We stock a full line of Rusty Hook quality jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, tank tops and hats. The Rusty Hook also features a full selection of all of the Inside Sportfishing Videos for $24.95 each. Expert advice to help you select the proper accessories for your fishing trip is available.


Accessories Manufacturers Stocked
Accurate Bassaholics Calstar
Finatics Fishworks Hummer
Pacific Fly Pelagic Rusty Hook
Harvick Xtra-Tuff Shimano
Angler Eyes Costa del Mar Fisherman’s Eyewear
Rod Belts and Pads
Braid Izorline Rod Knobbie
Smitty Belts Sumo Taniguchi
Knives and Sharpeners
Donmar EZE-Lap Forschner & Mundial
Ultimate Edge


Other Accessories Manufacturers Stocked
Bait Motel BSO Flying Gaffs KeepAlive
Nightblaster Promar Nets & Lights Ranger Nets
DVD’s, Books, Maps
Baja Directions Charlie Davis Fishing Spot Locator
Fish-N-Map Co Geoff Wilson Knot Books Inside Sportfishing
Oceanic Productions Ron Kovach Rusty Hook Productions