The Rusty Hook features a full inventory of fishing tackle, accessories and bait. We have one the most extensive inventories of quality tackle available. We can supply you with all of your needs. Expert advice to help you select the proper tackle and bait for your fishing trip is available.


Tackle System Manufacturers Stocked
Albackore Blue Water Braid
Flambeau Mark Pack Open Water
Penn Plano Shimano
SKB WFO Woodstream


Terminal Tackle Manufacturers Stocked
American Fishing Wire Chaeil Danielson
Pucci Offshore Angler Owner
Quick Rig Rosco Sampo
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Hook Manufacturers Stocked
Braid Eagle Claw Frenzy Offshore
Gamakatsu Kumho Mustad
Owner Quick Rig Sumo Tackle
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Lug Worms

Lug Worms

Scents and Baits Manufacturers Stocked
Berkley Bowker’s Hot Sauce
Kickin’ Bass Magic Bait Pauzke’s
Pro Cure Gooch Products dotclear.gif - 46 BytesNew Fishall Bug Juice
Frozen Bait Stocked
Anchovies New Fishall Shark & Fish Chum Mackerel
Mussel Pismo Clams Razor Clams
Shrimp Ghost Shrimp Squid
Live Bait Stocked
Meal Worms Night Crawlers Red Worms Lug Worms